Time perspective therapy (TPT) is an evolution of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a goal-oriented talk therapy. A large part of this evolution is the fast, easy, and effective way TPT works in clinical settings as well as a self-help tool. It helps one gain balance in every aspect of their life – as an individual, in significant relationships, socially, and in the work place.

TPT switches the focus from past to present, from negative to positive, clearing the pathway for the best yet to come: the future. TPT has proven effective for a wide range of people, from seasoned war veterans and survivors of accidents, assault, abuse and neglect - to individuals, couples and families searching for a new way to handle the ever-increasing stress of day-to-day life and problematic situations.

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“Time Perspective Therapy is a powerful breakthrough at a time when the need has never been greater. (It) will change the lives of so many that have felt lost…but now can discover the joy of a help-filled future.”    Dr. Phil McGraw, bestselling author and host, Dr. Phil

"Professor Zimbardo combines his unparalleled psychological knowledge and insight with the Swords' vast clinical experience to provide an important new way forward to a more positive and fulfilling life...Even when everything else has failed, this treatment modeling can supply hope and healing for those who deserve it most."  Rose McDermott, professor, Political Science, Brown University

"Trauma can often disrupt perspective, locking one's eyes onto painful events in the rear view mirror... (TPT helps) if you want to know how to return your focus to the road."  David Eagleman, neuroscientist, Baylor College of Medicine; best selling author, Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain, and host, The Brain with David Eagleman, PBS.

"With the burgeoning number of war veterans with PTSD as well as traumatized individuals from other walks of life, TPT can be generalized to a wide variety of settings and situations...The essential truth behind its effectiveness and impact - that is, how we suffer depends on the extent to which we perceive, handle, and embrace the past, present, and future - guarantees a high receptivity and impact..."  Harold Hall, Ph.D., ABPP, APN, editor, Terrorism: Strategies for Intervention; director, Pacific Institute for the Study of Conflict and Aggression. 

"Time Perspective Therapy utilizes cognitive tools that empower users to refocus thought into more productive pathways that lead out of the negative past into a more hopeful, goal-directed future. Those using TPT are enthusiastic and excited..." Don Kopf, PhD, Tripler Army Medical Center.